Speeding Tickets Pekin IL

Speeding Tickets Pekin IL

Get Legal Assistance to Fight Speeding Tickets in Pekin IL

Schedule a consultation with Brave Law right away when you receive speeding tickets in Pekin IL. Give our experienced traffic attorneys a call now at 309-228-9254. We will aggressively defend your rights.

You may not think you need a traffic lawyer for speeding tickets. However, experienced local attorneys with knowledge of area traffic codes can save you big money. Whether it is reduced fines, keeping your insurance rates low, or helping you avoid a suspension of your driver’s license, Brave Law attorneys want to help you. After all, you could lose a lot of money if you wind up having to pay for transportation because you lose your license. So, do not take that risk. Get Brave Law traffic lawyers working toward the best possible resolution of your case today.

There is a reason 86 percent of our clients give us 5-star reviews for our knowledge, counsel, and dedication to defending their rights. Contact us now and we will help you fight your speeding tickets in Pekin IL.

Do I Need a Traffic Lawyer for Speeding Tickets in Pekin IL?

That depends. Do you want to take the risk that your license could get suspended or that the court rules you must pay costly fines?

Our firm specializes in traffic law. Plus, we are local. Therefore, we know all the relevant local traffic codes. Thus, we can identify any mistakes made by law enforcement or any flaws in the case against you. Consequently, we can work to get your case dismissed, penalties against you reduced, or negotiate alternative discipline that will cost you less. In addition, we will work to keep your driving history as clean as possible so that your insurance company will not raise your rates.

Also, we can aggressively defend you against tickets for other moving violations and other serious traffic charges like driving under the influence (DUI). Plus, we also help clients fight to get a driver’s license reinstatement if they a suspension of their driving privileges.

How Can a Traffic Attorney Help Me with My Speeding Tickets?

Brave Law will work for the best possible resolution of your case when it comes to speeding tickets in Pekin IL. In certain circumstances, our attorneys can get your tickets dismissed. A dismissal can occur in the following situations:

  • The officer who issued the ticket does not attend your case in traffic court.
  • The court accepts a plea agreement allowing you to take a less serious non-moving violation.
  • We successfully negotiate for you to undergo an unsupervised probationary period.

If we cannot get a dismissal in your case, we can also negotiate for alternative disciplinary action. Thus, our attorneys can save you a lot of money by negotiating an opportunity for you to go to traffic school. As a result, the court could reduce your fines, keep negative information off your driving history, and that would keep your insurance rates lower.

Speeding Tickets Pekin IL

Under some circumstances, we may not get a dismissal or alternative discipline for you case. However, we will still work to reduce your fines and keep points off your driver’s license. Since insurance companies regularly review your driving record, this could still save you money in the form of lower insurance rates.

Get the Legal Counsel You Need

Brave Law specializes in traffic law and can defend your rights if you get speeding tickets in Pekin IL. Give us a call today at 309-228-9254 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge of local traffic codes to get the possible resolution for your case.

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