Parenting Time Bloomington IL

Do I Need a Lawyer to Help with Parenting Time in Bloomington IL?

It is recommended to hire a family law attorney if you have a complicated situation or legal questions regarding parenting time in Bloomington IL. Brave Law Center, P.C. can provide you with an attorney with experience in matters related to child custody, child support, and divorce. Our lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of completing a parenting plan, mediate disagreements, and file for a child custody order if needed. There are many considerations that go into establishing a parenting plan. An experienced family law attorney can guide you through the process from start to finish. Email Brave Law Center, P.C. now to request a reservation to speak with our family law attorney about parenting time in Bloomington IL.

Parenting Time Bloomington IL

How Does a Child’s Age Affect Parenting Time?

The age of a child can significantly impact planning for parenting time in Bloomington IL. Here are how some of the guidelines can change depending on the age of a child.

  • Infants and Toddlers
    • With young children in this age group, experts recommended scheduling frequent, short visits by the non-custodial parent. These should not disrupt the child’s normal daily routine.
    • Children at this age need constant contact with parents to maintain a strong relationship with them.
  • Preschool Age Group
    • Parents should overnight stays with a non-custodial parent with children of this age unless they are comfortable with it.
    • Since children in this age group lack understanding of time, non-custodial parents can maintain frequent contact by Skype or phone calls to maintain constant communication.
  • Elementary School Age Group
    • Elementary schoolers can start to stay overnight with non-custodial parents in this age group. In some cases, multiple overnight stays can work with children in this age group with advanced maturity.
  • Middle School and Teenagers
    • Children of this age will require greater flexibility by primary caregivers and non-custodial parents to allow for their participation in sports, after school programs, and other social functions.
    • Though children in this age group need more alone time, it is important for both parents to continue to be involved in their lives, aware of their friend groups, and providing guidance into adulthood.

What Considerations Go into a Parenting Time Plan?

There are many factors that parents must consider when it comes to planning parenting time in Bloomington IL. Here are some of the most important considerations that parent plans need to address to be successful.

  • Division of Time
    • Each parent needs a physical calendar that specifically states who has custody at which times and dates.
    • This agreement on schedule should include holidays, birthdays, or other days the child has regular activities. It is important to outline who has responsibility for getting the child to and from church, sports, or other after school programs.
  • Transportation
    • Parents also need to agree upon who will pick up or drop off the child at specified times and locations.
  • How to Communicate
    • Custodial and non-custodial parents should also decide how to keep in touch with each other for updates on the child. Whether by text, email, chat apps, or phone, each parent is responsible for keeping the other parent updated on the best contact information to use.
    • When disagreements happen, parents should refrain from using the child to relay messages back and forth.
  • Important Decisions
    • Both parents should also agree upon important considerations about the child’s lifestyle including their faith, schooling, sports activities, dating life, and more.
  • Emergency Plans
    • Parents should also tell each other how to handle emergencies. This should include agreement on how to tell the other parent about the issue.
  • Medical Care
    • Parents should discuss how they want to handle medical care, mental health treatment, diet, and other important health matters.
Parenting Time Bloomington IL

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