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Find a DUI Lawyer in Chillicothe IL to Steer You in the Right Direction

A DUI can flip anyone’s life upside-down. Fines, license suspension and possible jail time not only can ruin your life but the lives of those you love. If being charged with a DUI, secure the proper representation to help diminish or eliminate your sentencing. A DUI lawyer in Chillicothe IL with experience and success handling local cases is a lawyer you can count on. Thus, give Brave Law Center, P.C. a call today to set up a consultation.

The team at Brave Law Center, P.C. comes together to help you resolve your most challenging legal struggles. If going up against charges you believe are inaccurate or unfair to you, we can support your case. Jason B. Netzley and his associates dedicate themselves to offering sound legal advice to all our clients. Furthermore, we negotiate for the best deals possible and will represent you in court when the time comes.

Why Get a DUI Lawyer?

Many people believe once they’ve been saddled with a DUI, it’s all but done. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. With the right representation, we can either help reduce your sentencing or find the evidence you need to throw out the charges against you.

  • Complicated Cases
    • Simple cases involving you getting pulled over and charged with a DUI, and the existence of substantial evidence against you, aren’t cases where much can be done. However, your situation becomes more detrimental if you get into an accident, have an abnormally high BAC upon arrest, have other people in the vehicle, etc. Our attorneys can assist in potentially reducing your sentencing.
  • First Time Offender
    • Your penalties become harsher upon repeating offenses. If you keep getting pulled over for drunk driving, you’re making the case more difficult for yourself. However, if dealing with a first offense, you ought to be afforded some leniency. Whether in this “first offense” scenario, or dealing with multiple DUIs, an attorney can argue on your behalf. And if dealing with your first DUI, an attorney can help lessen fines and keep your license.
  • Prove Innocence
    • Like anyone else, our law enforcement officials can make mistakes. Or, sometimes bias can become an issue in your arrest. Other precarious situations can lend to improper handling of your DUI arrest. If you believe this to be the case, an attorney can assist in finding the evidence to support your claim. We can build your case and help prove your innocence when you’ve been falsely accused.

Other Areas of Law

Not only does Brave Law Center, P.C. offer service as a DUI lawyer for Chillicothe IL, but we tackle a multitude of legal matters to assist our clients and their families. Throughout Central Illinois, individuals have come to us with cases involving:

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  • Family Law – Issues of divorce, child custody, adoption, juvenile law and more.
  • Wills – Before your death, ensure your finances and belongings go to those you love when you finally do pass.
  • Trusts – Place a portion of control for your property and assets in the hands of those you trust.
  • Estate Planning – When family members move on, get assistance in settling their estate.
  • Probate Law – Without a will or trust, a loved one’s estate will go through the probate process under Illinois probate law.
  • Real Estate Law – Whether buying or selling a piece of property, ensure all parties are following the rules and regulations set out by real estate law.
  • Criminal Law – If being accused of a misdemeanor, felony or another crime, build your defense with the help of an attorney.

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