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DUI Attorney needed for this man after arrest in Lewiston IL

Is a DUI Attorney in Lewiston IL Necessary for Your Case?

The short answer: yes! In Illinois, DUIs are met with strict punishments, resulting in steep fines, license revocation, and possible jail time. However, with the support of a DUI attorney for Lewiston IL, you can protect your rights, argue for fewer charges, prove your innocence, or show a mishandling of your arrest. Talk with Brave Law Center, P.C., to discuss your best options for your upcoming DUI case.

The Benefits of Having a DUI Attorney

As you might have guessed, it can be near impossible to resolve a DUI case in your favor without the assistance of an attorney. As such, hiring a DUI attorney for Lewiston IL offers such benefits as:

  • More Legal Options – Without an attorney, your legal options are limited in a DUI case. However, hiring an attorney opens the door for potential negotiation of charges. In some cases, pursuing a plea deal might be your best course of action. Ultimately, in discussing your case with our team, we’ll help you find the legal course of action that will produce the best possible outcome.
  • License Reinstatement – With a DUI, you’ll likely face a license revocation or suspension. And in today’s working world, it’s challenging to get around without the ability to drive. As such, your attorney will advocate for the reinstatement of your license. Furthermore, we will start the legal process it takes for you to get your license back.
  • Cost-Effective – At first, you might consider not hiring an attorney to save money on your legal fees. However, without an attorney at your defense, you face a court potentially passing down the most severe penalties. DUI fines can end up costing you more than attorney fees. And if jail time is on the table, you can be put in a financial bind that’s near impossible to escape. As such, having an attorney assist with your case can also help preserve your finances.

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DUI Attorney needed for man being pulled over by police in Lewiston IL

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