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Whether you’ve been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, you want quality representation for your upcoming legal proceedings. With offices in three Central Illinois cities for your convenience, Brave Law is the local law firm you can trust to handle the details of your criminal defense case. We take great care in meeting with our clients and building a case that accurately represents them in court. All potential clients receive a Request Reservation with a Brave Law attorney, so give us a call today to speak with the defense attorney East Peoria IL residents trust.

We Know Misdemeanors

Thanks to our years of experience advocating for Central Illinois residents charged with misdemeanors, we are very familiar with the different classifications of these cases. Furthermore, our qualified lawyers and reliable staff will provide you with all the information you need. We will proceed through your misdemeanor case together.

  • If dealing with a charge for assault or disorderly conduct, you’re liking facing a Class C misdemeanor charge. This level of misdemeanor carries a short amount of potential jail time, up to 30 days.
  • The next level, Class B misdemeanor, is often seen for cases involving criminal trespassing or marijuana possession. The jail time for these types of offenses is a good deal longer than Class C – up to 180 days.
  • Finally, the most serious type of misdemeanor in Illinois is Class A. If you have been charged with an offense such as aggravated assault or possession of illegal drugs, you’re likely facing a Class A misdemeanor charge.

Whatever type of misdemeanor you’re dealing with, our seasoned team at Brave Law has the knowledge to assist you.

Facts About Felonies

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Similar to misdemeanors, there are five different categories of a felony crime in the State of Illinois. After your Request Reservation with us, we will determine whether or not we believe that a trial may be in your best interest for your case. Felonies range in their severity, with the shortest possibly resulting in up to three years of jail time. Class 1, 2 and 3 felonies could lead to jail time anywhere from five to 15 years. Felony X is the most severe type of offense possible. Those facing this type of charge could be looking at as long as 30 years in jail. The experienced team at Brave Law can handle whatever category of felony you are dealing with, and will represent you with integrity.

Contact Us

If you’re in search of a reliable defense attorney for your case, we invite you to contact us. Our office can be reached during regular business hours at (309)228-9254. You may also send us a message through our online contact form, and one of our staff will be in touch with you as soon as they are able. Give us a call today to speak with the defense attorney East Peoria IL residents trust.

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Criminal, Divorce, Family Law Attorney in Peoria IL


Criminal, Divorce, Family Law Attorney in Peoria IL