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Reasons You Need a Custody Attorney in Lewistown IL

Get the help you need to navigate the intricacies of family court with a Brave Law custody attorney in Lewistown IL. Call our experienced legal team now at 309-547-3516 to protect your rights.

You may not know child custody hearings can get complex quickly. But you are interested in saving money. So, you may feel the urge to represent yourself. However, that decision can bite you big time, especially when the future of your family rests on what happens. In addition to researching the law, you must keep track of court deadlines, file paperwork, and keep important details straight. That learning curve can be steep, and it can take a lot of time to wrap your head around. Therefore, you must ask yourself if you are willing to risk your fate and the fate of your family on representing yourself.

Brave Law wants to help if you need legal representation from an experienced custody attorney in Lewistown IL. Contact us now. Our track record speaks for itself. Just look at the 5-star reviews we receive from more than 86 percent of our clients.

Your Ex Hires an Attorney

If you know your ex has hired a lawyer, you may need a custody attorney in Lewistown IL. After all, you do not have the same understanding of the law that your ex’s legal counsel does. Plus, your case does not need to get contentious just because you hired a lawyer, too.

The fact is your ex will gain an advantage over you if you try to represent yourself against a legal professional. As a result, you should level the playing field with the Brave Law team. Our child custody lawyer has specific education and experience in matters of family law. Your research and preparation for your case simply cannot compare to our attorney’s knowledge of Illinois family law, legal strategies, and familiarity with the court system.

Complex Conditions Exist in Your Case

Sometimes, your family law case seems straightforward. However, you realize as time passes, or circumstances change that the case has become more difficult. If you find that a change in circumstances has made your case more difficult, you should contact a Brave Law custody attorney in Lewistown IL. Our attorneys can assist you in the following circumstances:

Custody Attorney Lewistown IL
  • One parent remarries or begins cohabitating with a new partner.
  • A formerly cooperative parent becomes combative during the case.
  • One parent refuses to obey the custody agreement.
  • A parent intends to relocate elsewhere.
  • You discover evidence of child abuse, domestic violence, or neglect by the other parent.

Contact Our Custody Attorney in Lewistown IL

Custody battles often result in a long, drawn-out, and complex process. Consequently, you should take the first step toward the best possible outcome by hiring a professional custody attorney in Lewistown IL. Call the Brave Law Center at 309-547-3516 for the legal representation you need. We specialize in all manner of family law, including divorce and child support.

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