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Ensure Your Child is in Safe Hands with Your Custody Attorney for Dunlap IL

The most crucial part of any divorce case is the decisions made regarding child custody, visitation rights and child support payments. However, these talks are often the most contentious, each parent believing their way is right! If you find yourself amid custody talks that don’t seem to be going anywhere, you need legal help. Thankfully, Brave Law Center, P.C. can support parents who need guidance from a child custody attorney for Dunlap IL.

Why You Should Seek an Attorney

While not every divorce and custody case requires an attorney, many do. Especially for separations where opposite parties are at odds, having an attorney as an experienced and unbiased third party for negotiations can prove advantageous. Here are some additional reasons why you ought to hire a child custody attorney in Dunlap IL for your case:

  • Lawyers are Already Involved
    • If your ex-spouse has secured legal representation of their own, it can be a bit of a surprise. However, this also means you should acquire your own legal representation. No matter how much prep you might do for a court appearance, an experienced custody lawyer will know exactly what to say to secure a judge’s support for their side of a case. To ensure you aren’t legally outmaneuvered, have a lawyer supporting your case argument.
  • Custody Arrangements Grow Complicated
    • Any number of factors can throw a wrench into your child custody arrangements. For example, an ex-spouse could seek to move out of state and want to take the children with them. Or, no matter how hard you try, your ex refuses to contribute towards child support payments. The only way to fairly and legally resolve such situations is with an attorney. We can assist in the potential amendment or enforcement of existing custody arrangements.
  • Abuse is Suspected or Occurring
    • Divorce and custody scenarios involving abuse from one (or both) parents are tragic for all involved. Thankfully, Illinois family law courts are always looking out for children’s best interests during separation proceedings. Having an attorney to support allegations of abuse with evidence and testimony will bolster your case and ensure a court grants your request for full custody.

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Brave Law Center strives to offer quality and helpful legal guidance to the Greater Peoria area. We’ve seen our fair share of cases, having helped fight litigation, present arguments in court, and negotiate deals between clients and attorneys. Jason B. Netzley, Brave Law’s lead attorney, has represented numerous individuals in criminal and family law cases. Our primary practice areas include:

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Custody battles can be challenging without the proper legal support. Thus, when fighting with your ex over your child’s wellbeing, ensure you have a custody attorney for Dunlap IL behind you. To learn more about Brave Law Center, P.C. and the legal services we offer, contact us today at 309-685-7900. We are located at 330 NE Perry Ave, Peoria, IL 61603.

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