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The pressures of being charged with a crime can wear on anyone. They can harm your mental health, home life, work-life and more. So, it’s crucial to ensure your case is handled with precision and care. By finding the right criminal defense attorneys for Morton IL, you can alleviate some of the stress of criminal charges and work towards a more positive outcome for your case. And Brave Law Center, P.C., is just the law firm to get your life back on track.

Brave Law Center approaches each case with the same integrity and dedication they would show any client. No matter how large or small the charge, we understand its effect on the one being accused. Thus, we take great care to get the facts correct and build the best possible case for our clients. Jason B. Netzley heads up our law firm, representing clients throughout Peoria, Pekin, Morton, Bloomington and the surrounding communities.

How Your Attorney Helps Your Case

The unfortunate truth is, it’s impossible to prepare in the best way for your case without proper guidance and representation. For this reason, it becomes crucial to have an attorney assist with court prep. Our team might be the only way you can receive a better outcome for your case.

  • Doing the Groundwork: Depending on the charges against you, our lawyers know what to present to a judge to convince them of leniency. After consulting with you, we will seek all appropriate evidence, testimony, documentation, and anything necessary to build the most compelling case. Using all these pieces, we can develop a legal strategy that works to your advantage.
  • Negotiation of Deals: Before a case progresses to the final stages in court, your attorney can negotiate with a prosecutor to drop charges or press for less sentencing. In what’s called a plea deal, if the defendant pleads guilty or no contest, a prosecutor will no longer press more serious offenses that may have been on the table. In the cases where there was some wrongdoing, this is often the best compromise available for a defendant.
  • Appealing to Your Judge: If a deal cannot be met, we then work to prove your innocence. And if that is not possible, we work to convince a judge of dropping charges or reducing sentencing. For example, you might be facing several years in prison due to charges of selling illegal drugs. If we cannot prove your innocence in this case, we will instead argue down your sentencing to a few months in jail and fines or community service afterward.

Legal Solutions Available to Central Illinois Locals

Brave Law Center works diligently to provide positive legal solutions through our criminal defense attorneys for Morton IL. However, we also provide legal guidance in other areas of law. For example, our other practices include:

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Get your legal defense started on the right foot with help from criminal defense attorneys in Morton IL from Brave Law Center, P.C. To learn more, contact us today at 309-685-7900 to request a Request Reservation. Also, we are located at 330 NE Perry Ave, Peoria, IL 61603.

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