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In the United States Court of Law, you are innocent until proven guilty. As such, building a case for your innocence in a criminal investigation is of the utmost importance. Furthermore, a criminal defense attorney for Pekin IL becomes necessary when looking to bring your case to court. If you find yourself in such a situation, Brave Law Center, P.C. can assist you in building the best defense possible.

Brave Law Center, P.C., with years of experience trying local cases, is one of the go-to defense attorneys of the Greater Peoria area. Jason B. Netzley, lead attorney at Brave Law Center, P.C., takes a personal approach to each case that comes through his door. We understand how stressful it can be when being accused of wrongdoing. Our team will address your case from every angle and come up with a solution that best protects your rights.

How We Prepare

Don’t prepare for your trial without assistance from a criminal defense attorney. We can help you uncover all evidence, conduct an investigation and represent you in front of a judge.

  • Discovery Phase
    • After talking with your lawyer, the first thing we do is enter the discovery phase of your case. This means we gather all evidence and materials already collected by the prosecutor of your case. We then can determine their case strategy and adjust accordingly for your defense.
  • Investigation
    • Once we know the direction to take your case in, we begin to gather evidence and testimony of our own. This process consists of obtaining police reports, statements from witnesses, timelines and other materials we deem necessary to win your case.
  • Depositions
    • Another part of planning your case strategy is obtaining depositions. A deposition is a planned statement to be made on the stand by a witness against you. Knowing what will be said allows us to prepare a cross-examination of our own for the said witness.
  • Negotiations
    • In our attempt to get you the best possible outcome for your case, that can sometimes include reaching an agreement before your trial ever starts. Such talks often include dismissing charges or recommending leniency in sentencing, and can many times be the best option for a defendant.
  • Trial Presentation
    • Finally, on the day of the trial, we best assist you by representing you in court. We present all evidence, testimony and documentation that will best prove your innocence. Additionally, we will call witnesses and question the individuals your prosecutor may call to the stand.
Criminal Defense Attorney Pekin IL

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