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What Can Be Done After Death? Allow a Probate Lawyer for Peoria IL to Help

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It’s only natural to feel lost after the death of a loved one. So when it comes to managing the deceased’s assets and estate, it can become a bit much. Thankfully, with professional legal help, the probate process doesn’t have to be complicated. A probate lawyer for Peoria IL can do what legally needs to be done for an estate, allowing you to take time to mourn the loss of family. Give Brave Law Center, P.C. a call, and we’ll provide the probate services you need.

How We Help

A probate lawyer can take care of many tasks you might not have the time or knowledge to address appropriately. And in some scenarios, a lawyer might be able to help you avoid parts or all of the probate process.

  • With a Will – Ideally, some amount of work was done in preparation for your family member’s eventual death. If so, this can sometimes lessen what’s necessary for probate. For example, if a will exists, much of what your lawyer can do is help confirm the will’s legitimacy and offer guidance when addressing the deceased’s requests.
  • Without a Will – However, when a will doesn’t exist, families must rely more heavily on probate. There are legal requirements that must be met when finalizing an estate. Your probate lawyer for Peoria IL can take on much of the duties related to probate organization. Unfortunately, without a will or trust, your attorney can only act within Illinois’ intestacy laws.
  • Specific Tasks – As far as what a lawyer can specifically cover during the probate process, it entails quite a bit. For example, our team will help you gather and identify assets, complete paperwork, file income and estate tax returns, distribute inheritance to heirs and more. Or, if you prefer to be more hands-on during the probate process, a lawyer can act as your legal counsel.
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An Alternative Route

Overall, probate can be a long and drawn-out process where you’re at the mercy of the courts. However, with some forethought to how your estate should be handled, the worst parts of probate can be avoided. For example, through estate planning, you can choose your inheritance recipients, assign power of attorney, lessen your tax obligation and more. With Brave Law, you can start right away on establishing a will and trust.

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